A Self-Help Model for the Soon to be Formerly Homeless

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We are looking for generous individuals who believe change is possible- not just in their community, but in any community experiencing homelessness. Volunteers with Lowcountry Herald are a vital component of our vision to empower homeless individuals to achieve long-term improvements in their health and quality of life.

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Whether you or your company are from the Charleston Low country or anywhere around the world, homelessness does not affect just one community. This universal struggle of man can be seen on any street corner, any safe haven or shelter and in the eyes of any of the individuals who are homeless. Please help us support the homeless population in our area and let us help advertise your business. Let’s thrive together.

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Our goal is to connect financially unstable individuals with the opportunity and tools to make their own money, be their own boss, and turn the next page of their journey. If you are interested in your own entrepreneurial future then you should be interested in becoming a vendor. Let’s get you started.

The Lowcountry Herald

The Lowcountry Herald

The Lowcountry Herald

The Lowcountry Herald is part of a global movement dedicated to helping end homelessness.

With approximately 3.5 million people becoming homeless every year, more and more people now realize that homelessness is an epidemic. Fortunately, those who may need assistance can be guided to do something to help themselves towards a brighter future. Street newspapers can raise awareness of homelessness while offering those in need a bridge toward self-sufficiency.

We at the Lowcountry Herald are committed to working with the local homeless to build better lives. We concentrate on improving our community and assisting those in need by providing tools to help the people who need it most. When we look at an individual, we follow the belief that no matter how broken the system, people can still become inspired and make a better life for themselves. It’s all about motivation and gaining a sense of self-worth.

Help make our community better and spread the word about our publication!