About the Lowcountry Herald

The Lowcountry Herald is a magazine dedicated to helping end homelessness.

Founded in 2014, the Herald focuses on the plight of the urban homeless in Charleston, South Carolina, and what can be done to help them. It’s not about putting money into the pockets of our vendors; it is about giving them the ability to earn money by selling our publication.

Our publication strives to make things as easy as possible for our vendors. If someone can beg on the street, they can sell the Herald.

The Herald empowers the homeless by providing a starting point to working their way out of destitution. Street papers are independent newspapers and magazines that operate on a strong self-help model devoted to providing an innovative solution to homelessness and unemployment.

Street paper distributors receive copies of the Herald, and become micro entrepreneurs, asking for donations in exchange for copies of the magazine. This allows the individual the chance to earn a living, instead of simply asking for a free handout. It also provides an opportunity for income for all individuals in need, regardless of their education level, criminal record, work history, mental state, housing status, or background, all common reasons the homeless struggle with employment.

All distributors must complete an orientation and sign a code of conduct, helping to ensure a professional demeanor as they hit the pavement to earn some cash. While some people are natural at sales, it does not come easily to everyone. We find that this is particularly true of those who have recently lost everything, and have little else than the clothes on their backs. To accommodate these personalities but still help them get a foot up financially, we allow them to hold signs explaining their venture, as well as provide in print an explanation of our publication and how it can help the homeless. We provide them with the tools; it is up to them to put those tools to work.

We believe that a vendor can be successful enough at this business that they no longer need to be homeless, and can move on to bigger things.

In addition to providing a for-donation publication work outlet to those experiencing homelessness, we at the Lowcountry Herald offer free lunches every Saturday and Sunday at two locations in North Charleston. We also run a shower trailer for our friends in need, supplying a private shower and bathroom set-up, as well as basic medical provisions.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Lowcountry Herald, or in advertising with our publication, please contact us.